5 Safety Tips For Lone Travellers

Earlier, before technology advanced, there was a hesitation on travelling alone but with the new technologies, it is much easier to move around and stay safe.

If you love travelling alone but fear the dangers that may come your way, these few safety tips will encourage you and help you stay safe throughout your journey.


1) Stay Connected

Find out if your mobile phone has roaming capabilities at your destination or you can rent a phone once you arrive at your destination. Remember that your phone can be a lifeline. For emergency situations, you may need to contact your loved ones so always make sure you have a live connection wherever you go.


2) Keep all important stuff in separate places

Important stuff like your money, credit cards and passport. Some money and credit cards can be kept in your wallet or purse and additional ones can be kept in your pocket or money pouch. It is better to keep your passport at your hotel safe and carry a copy of your passports data page.


3) Know your destination well

To be on the safer side, adapt to the local customs especially with regard to dress. Different countries have different sense of clothing and they may be strict on their cultures. So, you wouldn’t want people to think of you as the odd one out. Especially for women, know if harassment is an issue in your destination.


4) Stay at a safe place and hotel

If you are going to be staying for a long duration, make sure the hotel and the area is safe enough for you to stay. Remember to keep your door locked with the security chain fastened. And do not answer the door if you are not expecting anyone.


5) Keep someone close to you informed

Regularly let someone know where you are going and stay connected with that person. It can be a family member or a close friend who you trust. Let them know where you are going and what time you will return and stick to it.

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