5 Foods That Are Saltier Than You Think

We know that the snacks we munch, like chips, crackers and pretzels are packed with a lot of salt. If you want to cut short on eating salty food, avoiding these salty munchies won’t make much of a change.

Surprisingly, there are many foods that contain a lot of salt including bagels, cereals and even cottage cheese. You should stick to less than 2,300 mg of sodium per day and those with high blood pressure should limit it to 1500 mg. Here are a few other sources of salt to be careful of.


Cereals contain 180 to 300 mg of sodium per serving. It may be a healthy breakfast, but it is a salty one. It takes 12% of the amount you should consume in a day.


Baked Goods

You may think that the packaged cakes and doughnuts are packed with sugar, but they are also salty. A doughnut contains over 200 mg of sodium which is about 10% of your days limit. Packaged products use sodium as a preservative added with any salt used during baking.


Veggie burger

Veggie burgers are made with list of processed ingredients and salt is used to boost the flavour. Patties contain around 400 to 500 mg of sodium.


Hot Chocolate

On serving can contain 7%of your daily intake. The warming drink is a great way to ease those chocolate cravings which contain 80 to 100 in a mix.



You know that marinades and salad dressings contain salt because they taste salty. But the amount of salt that it contains may shock you. Two tablespoons serving of salad dressing or barbecue sauce may contain 300 mg of sodium. That around 10% to 15% of daily limit and people mostly use a minimum of two servings on their food. There are marinade recipes and salad dressing recipes that you can make at home and control the sodium.

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