Tips to improve your health

You have probably noticed that during the recent years people have started thinking about their health more. There are more people going jogging, people are thinking more about their diet. While you don’t need to become a professional athlete or become a vegan to start living healthier lifestyle, there are many things you can do without going crazy about it.

It’s all about taking baby steps. And setting realistic goals. Trying to take a too big bite at a time, both literally and metaphorically, will only hurt you. If you say that you want to lose 10kg by the end of next week, it’s very unlikely that you’ll achieve that and not achieving your goal might actually add a few kilograms to your weight instead of losing any.

So what can you do in baby steps?

Eat better
I met a friend of mine a few months back. While he has never been obese, around a year ago he was at least ten kilograms heavier. And he said had lost it within around three month without any additional exercise. What he said he did was stop eating bread and sweets. Plus he stopped using sugar with his coffee. For him it was as easy as that. Obviously it might not be as easy for all of us, it depends a lot on our lifestyle. But besides those things you should also consider eating more frequently, but less at a time. You could also replace pasta with something else most of the time. Eat more greens and less very greasy things. Plus, if you go out drinking – don’t eat together with your drinks. That’s a suggestion from my personal experience. Only eat before. Never during or after.

Walk more
You really don’t need to take your car to go shopping – just walk. You don’t need to take a bus to the cafeteria – just walk. You don’t need to take a taxi to work – just walk. Obviously it only works if the distances are not more than five kilometers. But walking, while it’s not a sport, it’s good for you. And the good thing about walking is that you don’t really need to do anything extra – you walk with a purpose. Compared to going swimming or going jogging or going to the gym – walking it something you can do sort of by default

Jogging and gym
But at the same time, you should also add some actual sports to your regime. Start going running couple of mornings or evenings a week. For most of us our daily lives contain a lot of sitting, but the more time you spend sitting, the more exercise you could actually use. So try to start going running outside, or swimming, or visit the gym a few times a week. What you choose is up to you. Some people I know, people who had hated any kind of sports all of their lives, started doing Zumba or weight lifting, and after a few months, actually started loving it. For me – it’s jogging. I used to hate it. But now that I can actually run five or ten kilometers without dying (well, usually), it actually feels great – both during and after.

Get rid of stress in your life
They say that stress is a silent killer. Getting rid of stress is difficult – we all know that. But it’s possible. Try to get rid of your money problems, maybe play online lottery for a quick solution and maybe you’ll get lucky. If not, firstly try to lower your regular expenses, and then try to find a job that would pay more. And even if you don’t manage to do all that – regular exercise in general is a good way to reduce stress.

There are many things you can do to improve your health and these are just a few things. You should also stop smoking, start drinking less, and so on, but these would again be extra to the other things I mentioned.

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