5 Tips For Travelling With A Chronic Disease

Planning a holiday trip can be stressful especially if you or a loved one has cancer or any other chronic disease. In such cases, there are a lot of pre-planning and additional considerations to make before heading down that road.

Here are a few things to remember as you pack your bags.

1) Carry a medical history list

Make sure to take atleast one copy of your medical history before you leave home. If you need to go to a local hospital at your travel destination, a list of all active medical problems, previous surgeries, allergies and a list of all medications will be very helpful.


2) Make sure to pack all the medications

Do not forget to pack your medications and also extra medications just in case. There may be medications that doesn’t meet the TSA requirements and can cause problems at security so make sure you have a note from a doctor for any such medication.


3) Spot your local hospitals

At every stop during your planned travel, know where the local hospitals are just in case of any medical emergency. Preferably the nearest hospital treating your type of illness should be found.


4) Arrange dialysis at a local dialysis centre

If you are on dialysis, it is very important to arrange dialysis at a local dialysis centre before you travel. Remember that missing a dialysis can be a life-threatening medical emergency and proper planning can be life-saving.


5) Meet a physician

Make sure to check in with a physician and get approved to travel. Especially if you travelling with a chronic disease, it is important to be cleared by the physician to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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