Is It Stressful Planning A Holiday Travel?

Traveling can be stressful at some points. Preparing for a holiday vacation comes with anxiety with the logistical run-around, group trip drama and the rise in prices.

Here are some ways you can reduce stress while preparing for a vacation.

1) When travelling in a group, create strict deadlines

Planning out a group holiday trip can be time-consuming. Agreeing to a destination to chasing people to pay their portion for the trip can get frustrating. Lack of action from your group members can keep you worrying at night.

These members can be people who are less experienced travelers and rely on your expertise. Rather than giving them a lot of options on the destination, provide 1-2 destination options. Set a per-person budget and give them a deadline to either give a deposit or show a booked plane ticket.

Offering concise options and keeping deadlines on a set date can make a big difference. Providing deadlines are essential for planning.


2) Prepare multiple checklists

If you are a person who will have a sleepless night thinking about everything you have to do until it gets done, then it’s time to build a checklist. Write down a checklist onto a sheet of paper so that you can be free of anxiety. Keep a journal next to you and empty your thoughts, worries and checklists.

When preparing for a holiday, you might be wrapping up projects at work and all the stress can make you forget about your preparation for the holidays. A checklist will help in such situation

3) Visit the doctor

If you are suffering from an autoimmune disease or lupus, make sure you get the check-up completed before you travel. If needed meet a travel doctor to administer necessary vaccinations.

Some countries may not let you enter without specific vaccines, so check with the CDC and notify your travel doctor to avoid any problems at the border. On a whole, it is better to get a check-up which might help you prevent travel-related sickness too.

4) Hydrate yourself days before

It is adviced to triple your daily water intake a few days before departure. Being dehydrated while travelling for hours can lead to fatigue, weakness, nausea, headaches, or worse.

Dehydration can get you confused and disoriented which can cause you to forget important things at home.

Hydrating yourself beforehand can help you combat dry air within the cabin.

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