5 Tips To Eating Healthy While Travelling

While travelling, it’s a huge challenge to maintain a healthy eating habit with the tempting menu’s and varieties of food around the world.

This is very true if you are frequently rushing to the bus, sitting on a long flight or if you are running in and out of meetings, you feel anything can please your stomach and you grab whatever is right in front of you.

With these tips you don’t have to compromise your healthy diet.

1) Pack a healthy snack beforehand

Packing in advance is the best way in not making poor snack choices. Plan what you want to eat which should be healthy and pack it so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Planning ahead can help you choose what to eat in advance rather than munching whatever you get. Not only that, you avoid overeating as well.


2) Choose a protein-rich snack

High-protein snacks can help you get the energy boost that you will need for long journey and it will also make you feel full longer. Food such as hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, cooked chicken etc are good examples.

Avoid processed food like baked items, crisps and sweets since they will give you energy lags.

3) Drink water regularly

Drinking plenty of water can keep you energized and hydrated while travelling which is very important. Take a water bottle with you wherever you go so you can refill when you get access to a drinkable water source.

Our brain sometimes confuses hunger over thirst and we reach out for more snacks even if we may not be really hungry. Also, with adequate hydration can help prevent jet lags as it can help our body adjust to different time zones.

4) Buy chewing gum

Travelling can tempt you to munch on whatever snacks are available. Chewing gum can help you avoid that and also stimulates the stomach and helps in digestion.

You are less likely to eat sugary snacks since they will not taste as good due to the minty flavour of the chewing gum.

5) Do not overeat

Overeating can trigger your body to slow down and focus more on the digestion. So, avoid overeating and it eat sufficient but healthy so that you won’t feel sleepy or lazy.

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