Ways To Beat A Bloated Stomach

Don’t let belly bloat ruin your summer. Summer life can leave you with a bloated stomach because of the change in routine, eating different foods, or not sleeping or exercising well.

Don’t lose hope. With these few simple tips, you can still enjoy your summer.

1) Drink sufficient water when you wake up

A glass of warm water with lemon and fresh ginger is a good start to your day. Warm water stimulates digestion, while the citric acid and ginger help in digestion. After a long sleep, it provides digestive relief and re-hydration.

2) Eat Fiber rich food

Food like vegetables, gluten-free grains, and low-sugar fruits like berries are rich in fiber. It increases the passage time of food in your system which decreases the chance of a bloated stomach.

3) Exercise regularly

Exercise can remove any gases that may be causing bloating and increase circulation which can help in digestion. This helps things move smoothly in your intestinal track. If you have difficulty with a full workout, you can always go for a long walk or a light cardio which will make a difference.

4) Reduce intake of fizzy drinks and alcohol

Carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola, beer, champagne builds a bloating stomach. It is advised to cut down on such drinks to reduce bloating. Also, it is recommended to stick to vodka, white tequila and mezcal rather than wine and beer because these forms of alcohol have very little residual sugar or toxins.

5) Say no to white flour

It’s very hard to resist the pizza and donuts which will tempt you at the picnic. But the white flour present in these foods contain very little fiber, so they tend to jam up your digestive system. Rather have the burger and not the buns (as it contains white flour), pickles and tomatoes and extra greens.

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